Positive patient attributes

This is open data that lists the age, gender, residence, and other attributes of positive patients for new coronavirus infection in Ibaraki Prefecture.

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Points to note when using the system

  • This data follows the format of "Open Data Item Definitions for COVID-19 Infection Control" and is available as open data on the status of infection in Ibaraki Prefecture.
  • While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this data, I am not responsible for any actions taken by users using the information on this site. The purpose of this site is not to identify positive users.
  • This data is based on the official information of the prefecture. It is not officially published by the prefecture.
  • In order to ensure the accuracy of the information, this data does not, in principle, contain more information than the data published by the prefecture.
  • (Data up to July 29, 2021) In order to avoid repetition of facility names , we use the term "XXth facility". This does not mean that all of them were infected by the "XXth case". Please understand.
  • (Mainly data after January 19, 2022.) For those with "年代・性別・職業が異なっている可能性あり (Age, gender, and occupation may differ)" in the "備考 (note)" column, I cannot guarantee that the detailed information of the corresponding person is correct, since only a summary is published in the prefecture's public documents. However, it is guaranteed that the sum of each of residence, age, gender, occupation, and close contacts for the entire date of its publication are consistent with those in the prefecture's published data.
  • The unpublished part is left blank. This does not mean that you have not filled out the form.
  • If you download a CSV file and display it in Excel, you may encounter garbled characters or different columns. In this case, please use another software.


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query {
  covid19_ibaraki {
    patients( [PAGINATION INFO] ) {
      dataset {
        no                     # ID of the people tested positive: Int!
        government_code        # National Local Government Code: String!
        prefecture             # Name of prefecture: String!
        city                   # Name of city, town or village: String
        publish_date           # Date of publication: String!
        onset_date             # Date of onset: String
        address                # Address: String!
        age                    # Age: String!
        gender                 # Gender: String!
        occupation             # Occupation: String
        status                 # Patient's condition at the time of publication: String
        symptoms               # Symptoms present at the time of publication: String
        travel_abroad_history  # Whether or not they have traveled abroad.: Boolean!
        close_contact          # Whether the person is a close contact or not: Boolean!
        test_method            # Inspection Method: String
        note                   # Note: String
      pageinfo {
        hasPreviousPage  # Whether or not there is a previous page: Boolean!
        hasNextPage      # Whether there is a next page or not: Boolean!
        startCursor      # The first Cursor on the current page: String!
        endCursor        # The last Cursor on the current page: String!
      last_update  # Last Update: String!