Ibaraki Corona Next

This is an open data collection of data from the Ibaraki Corona Next index.

Information about files

Last Update 2022/09/25 18:35 (UTC+09:00)
Create Date 2020/12/01 21:50 (UTC+09:00)
File name 080004_ibaraki_covid19_corona_next.json
File size 154 Byte
Data format JSON
License Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0
Indication of the source is required, but commercial use and modification is permitted. If you modify or process the work, please distribute it under the same "CC BY-SA 4.0" license as this data. Please include the URL of this page as the source.

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Points to note when using the system

  • This data follows the format of "COVID-19 Taskforce Website in Ibaraki" and is available as open data on the status of infection in Ibaraki Prefecture.
  • While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this data, I am not responsible for any actions taken by users using the information on this site.
  • This data is based on the official information of the prefecture. It is not officially published by the prefecture.


You can download it from the button below. You can also download it from the following URL using various libraries such as cURL.

About Opendata API

In addition to direct download, you can also use the Opendata API provided by this site. Learn more about how to use the Opendata API.

The query used in the API is as follows. Replace [YOUR QUERY HERE] with the following, escaping newline characters as appropriate.

query {
  covid19_ibaraki {
    corona_next {
      # Data with "@deprecated" indicates that it is not currently used. Therefore, unexpected data may be returned.
      last_update                # Last Update: String!
      stage                      # Current countermeasure stage: Int!
      move_date                  # Transition date of countermeasure stage: String!

      severe                     # Number of severe disease beds occupied: Int!
      sickbed                    # Number of beds occupied: Int!
      care_rate                  # Hospitalization rate: Float! @deprecated
      new_patients               # Average number of positive testers in the last week: Float!
      non_closecontact           # Average number of people who tested positive who were not close contacts in the last week: Float! @deprecated
      care                       # Number of patients treated: Int! @deprecated
      positive_rate              # Average of positive rate in the last week: Float! @deprecated

      severe_lastweek            # Number of critical care beds in operation as of one week ago: Int!
      sickbed_lastweek           # Number of occupied beds as of one week ago: Int!
      care_rate_lastweek         # Hospitalization rate as of 1 week ago: Float! @deprecated
      new_patients_lastweek      # As of one week ago, the average number of positive cases in one week: Float!
      non_closecontact_lastweek  # Average number of positive individuals who are not close contacts in a week as of one week before: Float! @deprecated
      care_lastweek              # Number of patients treated as of one week ago: Int! @deprecated
      positive_rate_lastweek     # As of one week ago, the average of the positive rate over one week: Float! @deprecated